The importance of Startup Turkey for the entrepreneurial ecosystem in the region

Startup Turkey event has been one of the most appreciable events for entrepreneurs, angel investors, venture capitalists, accelerators, mentors and tech companies since 2008. Held by tradition in Antalya, the most attractive city in the Mediterranean Turkish Riviera, Startup Turkey 2015 again will be the most important networking event for Turkey, Eurasia and MENA with the impressive number of 700 attendants, 150+ investors and 100+ startups.

Why is Startup Turkey important? The importance of the event for the region is major because it brings attention to the significance of the entrepreneurial ecosystem, uncovers the potential, the talent and the ability of the entrepreneurs and helps promising startups on their way to achieving growth.

Startup Turkey connects highly-motivated “new breed” of entrepreneurs and investors. By providing to such an impressive number of attendants the opportunity to network, this event consolidates the foundations of the strong yet still developing entrepreneurial ecosystem in the region.

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