10 delicious Turkish foods and drinks everyone should try

Turkey is deservedly famous for its delicious cuisine, diversity of delectable dishes and unique drinks. Turkish kitchen is popular all around the world but every region of the country has its own unique recipes and special meals. The rich Turkish cuisine offers something for every taste and here you can find ten of the most emblematic foods and drinks which you should try during your visit in Turkey.

The Turkish breakfast is usually very rich including different types of white and yellow cheese, butter, tomatoes, cucumbers, olives, eggs, jam, honey and many more. It is very common in Turkey soups to be eaten as a morning meal.

Simit (or gevrek) is a type of bread in circular shape richly encrusted with sesame seeds. Turkish simit is made with molasses and has become one of the signature foods in Turkey.


Su böreği (or water börek) is one variation of the popular for the region börek baked pastries. The water börek differs from the rest because the layers of the special dough are briefly boiled in water before the mixture of feta cheese, oil and parsley is scattered between them.


Menemen is traditional Turkish breakfast meal which includes eggs, tomatoes, peppers, onions and very rich blend of spices like black pepper, oregano and red pepper. It is served hot and with traditional Turkish bread.


The most common drink served with breakfast is Turkish tea. The Turkish tea is called çay and is type of black tea served without milk.


The Turkish word for breakfast is kahvaltı which literally translated means “before coffee”. The popular Turkish coffee is prepared in a unique way where the ground coffee beans are boiled in special pot called cezve.


Besides the rich breakfast, the Turkish cuisine has many more unique dishes and must-try recipes. Lahmacun is one of these foods which a visitor in Turkey cannot miss. Lahmacun is backed very thin piece of dough topped with minced meat and vegetables like onions, parsley and tomatoes. It is most commonly served with lemon juice and lettuce, tomatoes and onion.


Iskender is one of the most famous Turkish meat meals. Grilled lamb meat basted with hot tomatoes souse over pita bread served with yogurt, this is one of the must-try Turkish dishes.


Adana kebab is popular hand minced meat, mounted on an iron skewer and baked on barbecue fire from burning charcoals. It can be served accompanied with grilled vegetables or as a wrap called dürüm.


Described as “one of the most refreshing drinks”, ayran is a cold beverage made by mixing yoghurt, water and salt. This beverage is a great addition to grilled meat and rice dishes like Iskender and Adana kebab.


Turkey is very popular with its deserts and the Turkish delight lokum is one of the most popular gifts you can bring back home. Even though there are plenty of desert recipes, the tasty baklava is the most famous one. It is very rich and sweet pastry made by layers of filo filled with mix of chopped nuts and sweetened with syrup or honey.


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